New York City’s “Contractual worker to the Stars” and Million Dollar Contractor star Stephen Fanuka — who has a not insignificant rundown of A-rundown customers, similar to Bruce Willis, Tina Fey, Beyoncé, and Michael J. Fox — needs you to shout this from the housetops: “The roof is your fifth divider.”

When you see a portion of these thoughts, you’ll comprehend his point. An inventive roof can totally change the look of a room, consuming a room from so-so to staggering.

Paint it.

A simple and moderately cheap approach to decorate a room? “Put a fly of shading on the roof,” Stephen says. A light blue, this way, is a relieving pick for spots where you need to unwind.

Open it up with windows.

The Million Dollar Contractor star took characteristic light to the following level in this brilliant condo.

Include backdrop.

Backdrop may be excessively for you on each of the four dividers, however in the event that you need a portion of example, take a stab at putting it on the roof, Stephen says. It truly ties everything in this office together.

Uncover The Beams — Or Add Them In.

It includes character and draws your eye up, making the room look considerably more open.

Tile it.

Tin tiles ricochet light, lighting up the room, while making it sparkle.